Ellamés famous homemade Chocolate Brownie & Cream £4.50
Our own chocolate brownie, served warm with a side of fresh cream

Ellamés famous Chocolate Brownie Chunks with Vanilla Ice Cream £4.95
Chunks of our own chocolate brownie served deep chilled, topped with chocolate sauce and a side of vanilla ice cream

Crumble of the day & Custard £3.95
Home made fresh fruit crumble with custard

St Clement’s warm sponge & Custard £4.90
Individual sponge cake with a hint of lemon, served warm & topped with orange segments and our lemon &
orange sauce. Served with a side of custard

Lemonade Battered Banana Fritters & Golden Syrup £2.90

Lemonade Battered Pineapple Fritters & Golden Syrup £2.90

Fresh Double Cream, 4oz portion £1.45

Craft Vanilla Pod Ice Cream, one ball scoop £1.45


Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream, one ball scoop £1.65


Custard, 4oz portion £1.35

Ben & Jerry’s, Large 465ml Tub £4.95
Choose from - Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Caramel Chew Chew, Baked Alaska or Birthday Cake

Ben & Jerry’s, 100ml Tub £2.50
Choose from - Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Caramel Chew Chew or Vanilla

Magnum Classic, 440ml Tub £4.75


Belgian Style Waffle £1.99

Belgian Style Waffle with Golden Syrup £2.89

Belgian Style Waffle with ice cream & sauce £3.95

Belgian Style Waffle with Banana & Syrup £3.95


Ice Cream Sundaes


Marshmallow Strawberry Sundae £4.95
Strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice creams, with strawberry sauce and marshmallow pieces,
finished with whipped cream, marshmallow pieces, strawberry sauce and sugar curl wafers.


Chocolate Indulgence Sundae £5.75
Chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice creams, layered with chocolate sauce and finished
with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes.


Neapolitan Toffee Fudge Sundae £5.25
Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavour ice cream layered with toffee fudge sauce.
Topped with whipped cream, toffee fudge sauce and sugar curl wafers. 

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